Our Story

Established in 1992, we started as a small, sole run business, trading in bought in dolls house miniatures. However, we soon discovered that there were so many things that just didn’t exist, that we thought, “hey, lets make them ourselves!”.

With years of model making experience between several members of the family, including a carpenter, seamstress and product model maker, we soon grew our collection of hand made miniatures from a mere hand full to a collection that has grown to over 2000 handcrafted and unique dolls house items. As many of our loyal customers know, we are now one of the leading producers of handmade dolls house miniatures in the UK.

We exhibit at many leading dolls house and miniature shows throughout the country including Miniatura in Birmingham, Kensington Dollshouse Festival and the City of London Dolls House Festival. In the past, we travelled the country on a weekly bases from as far south as Exeter all the way up north to Glasgow.

Now, we focus more of our time to our online shop and blog page. As you have probably noticed, our website is packed with everything from motor oil to rubber ducks, from champagne to bunting! Our key endeavour is to help fill your house with dolls house miniatures that bring back memories from your childhood or simply make your project look authentic.

We are always looking for new ideas and projects so feel free to contact us if you are looking for a particular item. Or drop us a post on Facebook.

Enjoy the site!

Joan Vincent helping to prepare for our first dolls house fair. (Check out those glasses!)

Peter Shepherd also “helping”.

This photo was taken back in 1995. Some of the items there, including the sacks and besoms, we still make and sell today!

Busy day at Kensington Dolls House Festival, London

Lovely view from the City of London Dolls House Festival

Who we are

Chris Shepherd
Chris ShepherdFounder
Before starting Shepherd Miniatures I worked in various jobs, including, driving instructor, typist, graphic layout designer and other shop based work.
But, I always had something creative going on in my free time, be that knitting, cross stitch and even quilling! (I went to an evening class…needless to say, it wasn’t for me!).

One day, my friend Carol asked if I wanted to go to an evening class on making dolls house miniatures, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I have now been making these fiddly little models for over 25 years, with the help from various family members, all with their wonderful individual skills. Even after 25 years, we still manage to think of new and exciting ideas on a daily basis…if only there were more hours in the day to create them all!

I’d like to personally thank all of our loyal customers for supporting us over the years and who always come to say hello at the fairs and brighten up our day!

Hannah Shepherd
Hannah ShepherdModel Maker and Designer
I have done many model making jobs in the past but the one I always come back to and enjoy the most is scale model making. Having graduated in Product Design back in 2008, I realised that I preferred making the products than I did designing them. From there, I went on to working for a London based Product Design consultancy making prototypes that range from high end sound systems to coffee makers. I still do a lot of work for that company as well as others, but, I now focus most of my time working with Chris (mum), coming up with new ideas using new and interesting materials and technologies.

As challenging as product model making is, there is something about creating a replica of a product in a tiny scale the is just so enjoyable and satisfying.