Wedding Dome Diorama

Last year we were contacted by a lovely chap who wanted a "model of our wedding" to give to his future wife.  They were due to get married in the giant redwood grove at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. Obviously "a model of our wedding" is a pretty broad request but [...]

Queen’s Birthday Bunting – Legoland

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, Legoland set up a street party in front of their own Mall in front of their recreation of Buckingham Palace.And what would a street party be without bunting!We made around 50 feet of Union Jack bunting that was draped down ‘The Mall’ and around [...]

Gnomes & Fire Buckets

What do gnomes and fire buckets have in common? Whisky of course! Ok, so for those that are still confused, this commission was part of a limited edition set of artworks created by Sir Peter Blake and Macallan Whisky to celebrate the godfather of pop art’s 80th birthday. The artwork [...]


  Over the years we’ve had quite a few requests for things we currently make, but in a different scale. This commission was for a digital marketing company who approached us to make a larger version of our 1/12th scale deckchairs. This was for their client who wanted them for beach [...]


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