There’s a mouse eating my flour sack!

A few years back we had the unfortunate pleasure of finding a mouse in our workshop.  After capturing said mouse and re-homing him in Sainsbury’s car park, we soon discovered that the little fella had become quite partial to our stock of sacks. At this time we [...]


Many years ago we did a greenhouse project which involved using many of our garden packets and basically filling a greenhouse. To make the scene more realistic, some of the packets needed to be open and the growbags actually being used. Since then, we’ve often been asked how we [...]

Gardening in Miniature

When we aren’t making dolls house miniatures, we can usually be found pottering in the garden. So, we thought it might be a fun idea to combine the two! We rummaged through our stock to find some products that we can turn into actual living gardens. Obviously this is [...]

Mess in the Laundry Room

We all have accidents around the home, so why should your little dollshouse people be any different! This is a simple way to create a mess, without making a mess (if that makes sense?) Things you will need: Soap powder box Fine white sand (we found this at a [...]


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