When we aren’t making dolls house miniatures, we can usually be found pottering in the garden.
So, we thought it might be a fun idea to combine the two!

We rummaged through our stock to find some products that we can turn into actual living gardens.
Obviously this is just for fun and probably wouldn’t recommend putting real plants in your dolls house,
watering might get a tad messy! But, on an outside windowsill would make a nice miniature garden scene.

1. Firstly find yourself a suitable container. We used one of our troughs, however, a miniature flower pot would also be good. To avoid having to drill the container for drainage, we put a good layer of gravel at the bottom of the trough.
2. Next you want to fill the container with some potting compost. We found it easier to work with if it was slightly damp.
3. As we were going to create an alpine garden in our trough, we added a few big rocks to nestle the plants in.
4. Next, add your plants!
5. Sempervivums (houseleeks) are brilliant little plants. Really easy to look after and the plants produce tiny little offshoots (called chicks, the main plant being the hen) that can be pulled off and replanted. Just make sure you pull it off with a bit of root.
6. Planting the houseleeks was a little fiddly so tweezers might be useful!
7. Next, add some tiny grit to cover the soil. We used tiny grit that is normally used for fish tanks.
8. Et voila! The finished item...looks kinda cute we think!
9. Had fun making the first so we thought we’d see what else we could find...
10. Including an old watering can with a broken handle. (think we like this one the best)
11. Houseleeks don’t grow that quickly so we should have quite a few months to enjoy our creations. Will try and show its progress over the year.