What do gnomes and fire buckets have in common? Whisky of course!
Ok, so for those that are still confused, this commission was part of a limited edition set of artworks created by Sir Peter Blake and Macallan Whisky to celebrate the godfather of pop art’s 80th birthday.

The artwork was a box that displayed miniature bottles of whisky with items and pictures, which take you through the past 8 decades of The Macallan.

Our part in the project was to make around 150 gnomes and fire buckets.
As amusing as 150 gnomes fishing on a tray looks, it was one of the least amusing commissions we’ve ever done. Each one of the 150 gnomes were cast and painted and adorned with a little wooden fishing rod along with the fishing line… I still have nightmares of gnome armies invading my home! The fire buckets had to be painted and filled with water (resin), an easier job but again, a tad repetitive!

After many hours work and a lot of cramp in painting hand, it was pretty satisfying to see the final results.

Never again.