Last year we were contacted by a lovely chap who wanted a “model of our wedding” to give to his future wife.  They were due to get married in the giant redwood grove at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens.
Obviously “a model of our wedding” is a pretty broad request but after  some ideas were thrown back and forth, we decided upon on a 1:76 scale model of the ceremony amongst the redwood trees encased in a glass dome.

It had been a long while since I’d done scenics and did learn a lot during the project.  It also made a lovely change working to such a small scale.

The Model

The very tiny figures were modelled and 3D printed.  They were then very carefully painted with teeny tiny paint brushes (I did have to wear glasses for that!).

The tree trunk and branches we also 3D printed in parts and then painted.  We then used spray glue on the canopy area of the tree and sprinkled it with a long static grass and painted it brown.  This created the finer twigs.  We then sprayed another layer of glue and sprinkled with a course green scatter to create the needle canopy.  Using the airbrush we added some shading to the tree to add depth.

For the base we cut a hardboard disc which we then added scatter of varying sizes to recreate the undergrowth and surrounding planting.

Finally we added the trees and the congregation to the base.  We also made an isle runner, a pair of tiny planters with flowers and a table with a flower display.  Also on the table was a mini version of the dome…a dome within the dome!

This was all cased within a glass dome and I couldn’t have been happier with the final thing.  Also, and more importantly, the bride apparently loved it.  I hope I get the chance to do something similar in the future as this really was a joy to create.